Kevlar staples were made with shear strength in mind and are designed to add a structural fix to your foundation wall crack repair.

Radon testing for your home comes with a no obligation quote for the recommended repairs to make your home safe, with an optional on the spot quick fix repair service.

Crack injections are the best and most effective way to waterproof and fix dry and or currently leaking cracked foundation walls, without costly exterior diging. 

The Crack Filler Guy wants you to save your basement and your pocket book! With epoxy and polyurethane crack injections you save time and money while protecting your largest investment.

Water can sometime penetrate your home around the side of various service pipes as they enter and/or exit your home. This problem can be resolved with an inexpensive leak repair.

With our b dry Waterproofing System and Radon Inspections you can be assured of keeping your home safe and dry. See Radon Map

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Crack Injection

Comprehensive Basement Leak Repairs

Are you looking for comprehensive basement leak repairs? With the lasting fix basement crack injection package, you save time and money.  We provide Inexpensive Crack Injections to repair your wet, dry, damp, leaking, leaky, cracked or cracking basement wall cracks.  Offering fair prices, accurate information and sound advice allows you, the customer, to make an informed decision. Providing Economical Basement Repairs for less than the cost of our competitors.

Crack Injection Service Area

We deliver the best Crack Injection service in the Hamilton Area, Halton Region, Brantford Area, Kitchener-Waterloo Region the and throughout Southern Ontario.

Avoid Band Aide Solutions

Avoid quick fix foundation band aide solutions.  The Crack Filler Guy basement waterproofing delivers premium workmanship at competitive prices. With our economical permanent solution crack injection, you can have the peace of mind that only comes with quality long lasting professional repairs. We guarantee to fix your basement water issues leaving you dry and leak free for the lifetime of your home. Basement waterproofing has never been this quick and easy before.


Basement Wall Crack Repair

In order to understand which approach is best in repairing your foundation crack, there are a few questions which need to be answered first. Such as; what materials does your foundation consist of. Is it Block? Concrete?  Brick?  Field Stone?  Or some combination of many types of foundation building material?

Stone Foundations

In the case of field stone or ruble foundations you’ll need to consult with a general contractor or possibly an engineer before proceeding or have a water displacement system installed by a licensed water proofer, in the basement of your home. In case of a block or brick foundation, you may have step cracking or some other type of structural issue.

Exterior Excavation

In this scenario, you may require an exterior excavation, including Carbon Fiber, Kevlar Staples, Pilasters, or another style of foundation stabilization. When it comes to concrete foundation cracking without signs of serious structural issues. The most common type of repair is achieved by an injection process directly into the foundation wall crack. This process is called crack injection.

Crack Injection Process

If you’re like most people you probably don’t know much about the crack injection process. However, whether your foundation wall crack is being repaired by injecting Epoxy or Polyurethane, the system used is almost identical.  It consists of adhering injection ports to the surface of the crack, sealing it, and injecting from bottom to top, until complete.

Crack Injection Process Is Much Simpler

Repairing a foundation wall crack from the inside of your home with a crack injection Is a much simpler quicker and more cost-effective method of repair than an exterior excavation. In some cases, such as when dealing with naturally occurring gases like Radon, A crack injection may be the most effective method of repair.

When a crack injection is repaired properly by a licensed professional, the area injected should never leak again.

 24 hour

Horizontal  Crack Injection 

Lasting Fix Basement Crack Injection Package

Ceiling Crack Injection 

The Crack Filler Guy is your premier water proofer, when it comes to wet or dry, leaky or leaking foundation wall cracks and Radon gas testing for your home.  You’re in great hands with The Crack Filler Guy.

Repair Your Leaking Basement


Welcome to - Your Crack Injection and Carbon Fibre Specialists. Whether you have a: Leaking, damp, wet, or Leaky basement, or are in need of Radon Testing or Radon Mitigation, The Crack Filler Guy can help solve your basement.

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