Crack injections are the best and most effective way to waterproof and fix dry and or currently leaking cracked foundation walls, without costly exterior diging. 

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Crack Injection is the Best Approach

In trying to understand the best approach when repairing a cracked foundation wall, it’s best to explore how and why foundation cracks occur.  Most foundation cracks are non-structural hairline cracks that are caused by concrete shrinking as it cures, improperly poured foundation walls or from some level of foundation settling over time.  Foundation cracks may be an aggravation when found in the basement of your home but in most cases, they don’t pose any real structural issue and can be repaired with relative ease.

Foundation Cracks are Easy to Spot

Vertical foundation cracks run from the top to the bottom of a foundation wall which can make it easy to spot from the exterior of a building.  A quick walk around a home by a trained professional can reveal foundation cracks in mere moments.  Leaving home owners with confidence in provided options and no longer in the dark.

Crack Injection with Epoxy or Polyurethane

When looking to have a foundation wall crack repaired, many people wonder if it should be fixed by injecting epoxy or polyurethane.  A few factors to keep in mind when deciding are; does your wall crack run vertically or horizontally, does it branch off into multiple veins, and how wide is the wall crack, is it more or less than a quarter of an inch wide?

Foundation Cracks Wider than a Quarter of an Inch

For cracks that are wider than a quarter of an inch that do not pose any serious structural issues, it is best to inject an expanding waterproofing polyurethane foam.  It is also common practice to include either Kevlar staples or carbon fibre straps in order to give added strength and support to the foundation wall.

Foundation Cracks Less than a Quarter of an Inch

For cracks that are less than a quarter of an inch wide, it is best to inject an epoxy.  Epoxy does not expand but adds a structural element because of its strength and the way that it adheres to concrete.  For even more strength both Kevlar straps and/or carbon fibre straps can be added to this process as well.

Basement Waterproofing - Crack Injection

Kevlar staples were made with shear strength in mind and are designed to add a structural fix to your foundation wall crack repair.

Radon testing for your home comes with a no obligation quote for the recommended repairs to make your home safe, with an optional on the spot quick fix repair service.

Water can sometime penetrate your home around the side of various service pipes as they enter and/or exit your home. This problem can be resolved with an inexpensive leak repair.

Leak Fix - Drainage Pipes

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Crack Injection

The Crack Filler Guy wants you to save your basement and your pocket book! With epoxy and polyurethane crack injections you save time and money while protecting your largest investment.

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​​Foundation Repair - Kevlar Staple
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