Kevlar staples were made with shear strength in mind and are designed to add a structural fix to your foundation wall crack repair.

Radon testing for your home comes with a no obligation quote for the recommended repairs to make your home safe, with an optional on the spot quick fix repair service.

Crack injections are the best and most effective way to waterproof and fix dry and or currently leaking cracked foundation walls, without costly exterior diging. 

The Crack Filler Guy wants you to save your basement and your pocket book! With epoxy and polyurethane crack injections you save time and money while protecting your largest investment.

Water can sometime penetrate your home around the side of various service pipes as they enter and/or exit your home. This problem can be resolved with an inexpensive leak repair.

With our b dry Waterproofing System and Radon Inspections you can be assured of keeping your home safe and dry. See Radon Map

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These exterior waterproofing models show where the Delta MS membrane, weeping tile, separating fabric and 3/4" clear stone are installed in reference to one another.

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Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing, means dealing with water that finds itself alongside the exterior of a foundation wall, below the properties grade height. Generally, this means having to excavating at least 6 to 10 feet down to the foundations footing, to correct the foundations drainage problems by installing a new weeping tile system. In some cases, this means adding a French drainage system, to drain excess water in to a pseudo low point of the property.

Stop water from penetrating

While a huge part of waterproofing is trying to stop water from penetrating a properties foundation, the most curtail and fundamental aim is to elevate soil pressure from continuing to apply pressure through freezing expansion and thawing contraction, against a foundations wall.  The reason, is that a foundation walls most destructive enemy is the expansion of freezing water.

Element of foundation destruction

An often-unspoken element of foundation destruction, is the only thing that matters when it comes to dealing with foundation movement.  The expansion of freezing water is the single most important element when it comes to talking about waterproofing, because when water sits beside a foundation wall and freezes it expands applying pressure against that wall.  The applied pressure is eventually relieved and causes the wall to crack.

Delta MS membrane applied to exterior

To achieve this a material called Delta MS is applied to the exterior of the foundation wall, which is a dimpled membrane designed to absorb pressure exerted through ground force and by the weight of nearby buildings and structures applied directly to the foundation.  Tar or liquid rubber materials are painted or sprayed on to the foundation surface after any cracking is stabilized repaired with hydraulic cement surface to make sure that water doesn’t infiltrate it again.

Amount of waterproofing required

Depending on the amount of waterproofing required or the number of areas in need of repair, excavating a home’s exterior means dealing with hydrostatic pressure which increases in proportion to the depth of a foundation.  The increased weight of water exerted downward from above may involve only one wall or several walls which will determine the overall cost of the project.  Therefore, because of the extensive excavation required repairing a leaky basement form the outside of a home is often a costlier ordeal than using other methods. Nevertheless, redirecting water from ever penetrating the home at all is always the most effective approach and required little or no maintenance at all after completion.

Disadvantages to exterior waterproofing

Disadvantages to exterior waterproofing come in to play when involving external impediments such as other buildings to close to the foundation wall, porches, driveways, disturbing finished landscaping or even breaking up beautiful stamped concrete which is common in many homes today.  Exterior excavation may not be the appropriate action to take in some scenarios like for homes that are situated in a high-water table area.  Interior waterproofing methods such as interior drainage systems or foundation crack injections are often chosen because they cost significantly less than exterior water proofing and are the least invasive approach.