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The Crack Filler Guyprovides the  best and most comprehensive Crack Injection and Carbon Fibre foundation repair, keeping your family dry in the Stoney Creek area. We also service the area with Radon Testingand Radon Mitigation services in order to keep your family safe.

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The Crack Filler Guy- Your Basement Specialists

Welcome to CrackFillerGuy.com - your Crack Injection and Carbon Fibre Specialists. Whether you have a Damp, Wet, Leaky or Leaking basement, The Crack Filler Guy can help solve your basement issues.

Kevlar staples were made with shear strength in mind and are designed to add a structural fix to your foundation wall crack repair.

Radon testing for your home comes with a no obligation quote for the recommended repairs to make your home safe, with an optional on the spot quick fix repair service.

Crack injections are the best and most effective way to waterproof and fix dry and or currently leaking cracked foundation walls, without costly exterior diging. 

With our b dry Waterproofing System and Radon Inspections you can be assured of keeping your home safe and dry. See Radon Map


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Water can sometime penetrate your home around the side of various service pipes as they enter and/or exit your home. This problem can be resolved with an inexpensive leak repair.

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We service, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Brantford, Caledonia, Grimsby.

Crack Injection

The Crack Filler Guy wants you to save your basement and your pocket book! With epoxy and polyurethane crack injections you save time and money while protecting your largest investment.

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